6 Weeks of Messages from Spirit

NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand, this Program will only be offered in certain time blocks throughout the year.

A message from Mary-Anne…

Not everyone is able to sit with me for a private reading, and even for those who have, this is a wonderful way for you to keep the connection going long after your reading! I am so excited to be able to offer this new way to connect you with your loved ones.  I have also recently added the option to include intuitive guidance into some or all of your six weeks of messages!

This new offering allows you to receive either a mediumship or intuitive guidance message every week from me via audio or video clip!

I will send you a special audio or video message via email once a week for 6 weeks connecting you to your loved one or giving you your own personalized intuitive reading offering you guidance and advice on your journey.  From you I will need both your first name and the first name of the loved one you’d like to hear from, and I will make the connection through this information. These mini readings will provide specific and pertinent messages just for you from them, based on questions you’d like to ask them – and you will send those questions to me in advance. As another special part of this program, I will also be sending a special video to watch once a week that explains some of the most common questions about the other side!  These questions will include topics like:

  • Signs and Symbols: Whether you are a ‘Medium’ or not, spirit communicates with you. And the first step in understanding how this happens is learning to recognize all of the ways it’s possible
  • What happens when we die? What happens to our pets when they die?
  • Will our loved one still be in heaven when we get there, or will they have reincarnated already?
  • How can we open the doors to receive information from the other side?
  • Can loved ones see what’s happening in our lives right now?

This program will not only meaningfully connect you with a loved one for 6 weeks, but it will also give you new insight and understanding about the beautiful world of Spirit!

I look forward to working with you on your journey and your loved ones in Spirit.

Mary-Anne  xo

Your custom program will begin within three weeks of your registration and will continue for six consecutive weeks.  In order to reserve your time with Mary-Anne and your loved one, you must submit the request form below along with your program fee ($350 + HST).  

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