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We all have our own unique life journey, and along that journey, we inevitably live through experiences that cause us to need healing – emotionally, spiritually, physically.


For those who have experienced it, the loss of a close loved one can be devastating – entirely life-changing, and can cause the deepest longing and the deepest sadness.

Healing is a process. For some, part of that process includes the desire to communicate with their loved ones, and witness proof of life beyond physical death. During mediumship, this opportunity is created. Knowing of the continuation of life, and that your loved ones are okay can bring tremendous comfort and relief.  Sessions with Mary-Anne are described as life-changing and powerful.  See what people are saying HERE.

Mary-Anne’s practice is vast, and you are invited to review her Services, Products, and Classes to find some help for yourself along your journey.

Mary-Anne is a celebrated Spiritual Teacher in her community, and specializes in spiritual and mediumship development for those seeking to deepen their connection to something bigger.

Mary-Anne is one of Canada’s Top Psychic Mediums, a Published Author, Teacher, and TV Personality


Mary-Anne is an acclaimed Medium, Published Author, Spiritual Teacher, and TV Personality who is highly sought after throughout Canada.  With compelling accuracy, she brings forward evidence – proof – that your loved ones still exist. Her connection and messages from heaven are rich with healing and love.

At a very young age, Mary-Anne began studying and practicing earth-based religion, and continued to do so for over 15 years. Some of her practice included working with meditation, herbs, tarot cards, runes, and spirits of nature.

Following her father’s passing in 2010, Mary-Anne moved away from her practice in the context of religion, and moved toward spirituality. Fueled by the deep, loving desire to communicate with her father, and the aspiration to take her belief of afterlife and replace it with experiential, empirical, personal truth, Mary-Anne began studying Mediumship. Mary-Anne is also a Reiki Master.

Additionally, she has spent significant time in various Mediumship development circles and workshops, both locally and in Lilydale, NY.