aligning with spirit: Preparing to be a clear channel workshop

November 10-11, 2018,  9:30am-3:30pm at The Centre for Sacred Living in Erin  WORKSHOP FULL

At the core of all meaningful spiritual work is the development of a deep individual spiritual practice. This part of the spiritual path includes meditation, personal healing and a clearing of your own energy system. Only then are you ready to be of service to others.

This powerful 2-day interactive workshop teaches you how to connect to and understand your own vibrational frequency. Learn how to read your energies and clear out lower vibrational patterns that are hindering your progress. You will become aware of how lower frequencies such as limiting thoughts, beliefs patterns, grief and emotional scars limit our frequency and hinder our spiritual progress. You will also become more aware of the vibrational frequencies around you and how to work on clearing those.

When we communicate with the spirit world, spirit must lower their vibrational frequency while we must raise ours. Our connection and communication with the other side takes place somewhere in the middle of this vibrational field of energy and when we can tune in to this spot their messages become clearer. The course will offer a mini energy clearing session for each participant so that they can better understand their own vibrational frequency and learn ways to increase their personal vibration.

This workshop is an essential basis for beginning a spiritual practice and preparing one’s self for the personal clearing, healing, understanding, and expansion needed to delve into mediumship and other spiritual work.  This workshop must be taken prior to the mediumship workshops, unless you have prior experience.

$250. Includes refreshments, and course material.

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