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Do you feel compelled to start a spiritual journey of healing, expansion, and growth?  Perhaps it’s time to start – to take that ever-important first step!

Mary-Anne is a highly sought-after Medium in Canada, and in addition to her mediumship practice, she is also a Spiritual Educator.

Mary-Anne has developed strategic approaches to teaching mediumship that compress years of learning skills and abilities into mere months. Many of her students progress in their mediumship gifts in comparatively short periods of time, all the while being guided in taking their spiritual journeys through growth, healing, and expansion quite seriously, always going a step deeper, and then a step deeper after that.  As a result, their connections with the spirit world are strong.  Her distinguished teaching style makes it easy to understand how the spirit world works, and what you need to do to develop your connection with it.

Mary-Anne teaches in-person classes and workshops, and also facilitates online learning as a featured spiritual expert on’s The Spirituality Centre.

Classes with Mary-Anne are powerful and life-changing, and spirit is always present to assist in each student’s understanding of their own path and growth!

Interestingly, Mary-Anne is also a formal teacher, having an extensive professional background in environmental science and technology and teaches this content at the post-secondary level.  Mary-Anne also teaches spirituality for adult Continuing Education in the community she lives in.

Please note that all core classes and workshops with Mary-Anne take place at The Centre for Sacred Living, located at 115 Trafalgar Road, Lower Level, in Hillsburgh (Erin), Ontario.  If you would like to submit a proposal to Mary-Anne to facilitate a workshop or talk at your location, please contact her through the Special Requests Page.

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