Psychic Intuitive/Medium development classes

5-Week Class – Tuesday evenings, 7:00-9:00pm,  November 19  – December 17, 2019 at School of Mediumship + Spiritual Studies

We are all innately gifted with the ability to become aware of important information and insight that pertains to our life journeys and the journeys of others. We become aware of this guidance, insight, and wisdom by developing the ability to psychically perceive and build relationships with our higher selves, our guides, angels, and even loved ones.

In this 5-week development series, we will build, week by week, techniques, approaches, and pathways leading to developing your intuitive ability. You will learn how to use it as a guide in your own life, and also as a service to help guide those seeking your assistance.  Mediumship is also included in this most recent class.

The series will also include ongoing spiritual development teachings and exercises relating to your soul journey, and open discussion to assist you on your path.  

$150 for all 5-weeks.  Register below and you may also click HERE to process your registration fee!

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