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Mary-Anne is featured as a spirituality expert on’s The Spirituality Centre, and she develops new classes each month. Most of her classes are typically one hour in length are delivered through webcam on’s secure forum.  Most classes are also available at any time by viewing the class recording!  For more information about Mary-Anne’s classes, visit The Spirituality Centre.

COMING SPRING/SUMMER 2017 is the Mary-Anne Kennedy ONLINE School of Mediumship and Spiritual Studies!

Signs and Symbols from Spirit


    Learn how spirit communicates with you!

Death as we know it is a lie. We can continue our relationships with loved ones long after their passing, and they want you to know that. This is why they work with us.

Spend an hour with Spiritual Medium Mary-Anne Kennedy discussing how our loved ones in the spirit world try to reach us – how they try to let us know they are still present in our lives.

Whether you are a ‘Medium’ or not, spirit communicates with you. And the first step in understanding how this happens is learning to recognize all of the ways it’s possible.

Explore what proof spirit gives us in our daily lives, from synchronicities, to dreams, to lights flickering. So many of us here in the physical world miss the signs from our loved ones simply because we don’t know to recognize them.

This will be an interactive class with questions, dialogue, and guidance on how to welcome and recognize spirit communication in your everyday life.

CLICK HERE for a recording of this class!


Spirit World 101

In this fascinating one-hour talk, we will look at some of the most common and interesting questions about the Other Side.

Understanding how the Spirit World works is essential when embarking on a spiritual journey of expansion and soul-level awareness.

We will look at the following questions:

-What happens when we die?

-What happens to our pets when they die?

-Will our loved one still be in heaven when we get there, or will they have reincarnated already?

-When we dream of a loved one, is it a visitation?

-How can we open the doors to receive signs from spirit loves ones?

-Can loved ones see what’s happening in our lives right now?

-Will Spirit ever say bad things that we don’t want to know?

-What is a soul group?

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Introduction to Intuitive Development


We are all innately gifted with the ability to become aware of important information and insight that pertains to our life journeys and the journeys of others. We become aware of this guidance, insight, and wisdom by developing the ability to psychically percieve and build relationships with our higher selves, our guides, angels, and even loved ones.

Spend two afternoons (1.5 hours each) with acclaimed Medium, Author, and Spiritual Educator Mary-Anne Kennedy.

In this experiential workshop you will be introduced to techniques, approaches, and pathways leading to developing your intuitve ability, and you will learn how to use it as a guide in all aspects of your life.

This class will be recorded, so if you can not make the dates, you can access the recording watch at a time that suits you!

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How to Create a Daily Spiritual Practice


Staying deeply connected and aware of our higher selves, guides, angels, and loved ones doesn’t just happen all on its own…it takes dedication and practice!

This 2.5 hour class will help you to design an authentic daily spiritual practice that meets your soul’s needs, feels GOOD (not like a chore), and keeps you connected to the guidance, wisdom, and love that’s always there for you.

If you are new to spiritual practice and haven’t figured out how to integrate the new you into the rest of your ‘ordinary’ life, or if you are have some experience with spirituality but are looking for ways to bring what you know to the table of creating a peaceful, connected life, THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!!

Click HERE for a recoding of this class!

more classes online now or coming spring/summer 2017!