FULLIntro Mediumship Development Circle Over Zoom – Dec 6-20, 2023


INTRO 3-WEEK CIRCLE – Wednesday afternoons, 12-2pm EST over Zoom

Join this 3-week intro class to build and practice your mediumship skills (as well as psychic development), and learn from one of the most highly sought-after Mediums in Canada. In this safe learning environment, you will begin your learning into the field of psychic practice and mediumship, which will include both foundational teaching as well as practicing your new skills.

Mary-Anne has developed strategic approaches to teaching mediumship that compress years of learning skills and abilities into mere months. Many of her students progress in their mediumship gifts in comparatively shorter periods of time, all the while being guided in taking their spiritual journeys through growth, healing, and expansion quite seriously, always going a step deeper, and then a step deeper after that. As a result, their connections with the spirit world are strong. Her distinguished teaching style makes it easy to understand how the spirit world works, and what you need to do to develop your connection with it. In this unique circle, Mary-Anne will teach you how to build your mediumship and spiritual abilities by not only providing a venue for practice but also through her celebrated approaches to teaching.

This is an intro circle for those new to mediumship development.  You must have also read Mary-Anne’s book, How to Become a Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting with the Other Side.

$112 for all 3 weeks.  Pay now or following your registration. Send your registration in below.

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