Reiki and aura clearing

IMG_8367Mary-Anne is a Reiki Master/Teacher and is a Registered Reiki Professional through the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP).  Her practice consists of reiki healing treatments, aura clearing, and reiki training where she can attune and certify those seeking reiki level I, II, or III (Master/Teacher).  Healing sessions with Mary-Anne are also full of intuitive messages about your personal journey of healing.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing that works with the universal life energy (Ki/Qi/Chi).  This energy runs throughout our bodies and is what causes us to be alive.  When our ki is low or blocked, we are more likely to experience illness, disease, and stress.  When the energy is high and vibrant, we are more likely to experience health and happiness. During a reiki session, this energy is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient, and a normal flow of ki is established.  While reiki reduces stress and creates incredible relaxation, the goal is also to restore the energetic equilibrium in the mind and spirit, thus creating an environment for innate healing and well-being.

Often people are not in optimal health because they attract or create blocks to the flow of life energy within themselves.  These blocks are usually constructed of limiting and often fear-based thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that oppose overall well-being. Blocks to life energy are made of negative ki that lodge themselves in or around the organs of the body, the chakras, or the aura.  Aura Clearing removes these energetic blocks that often can cause health issues as well as other difficulties in life.  Do note, however, that no one can do your healing work for you.  Aura Clearings will sweep your energy field, but where there are lessons to be learned, where growth is to be embraced and integrated into ones life, work must be done on the part of the individual to keep the energy field high and generally positive.  Mary-Anne is also trained in core Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and provides services in Extraction Healing and Power Animal Retrieval.

For acute concerns, one reiki or aura clearing session is usually enough to begin to feel lighter, happier, more centred, and clearer.  For more long-standing or deeper-rooted concerns, additional sessions are generally needed, although the effects of the sessions are felt in a cumulative way.  For these such cases, session packages are available. Perceived limitations (such as religious belief or lack of understanding of how reiki works) with respect to obtaining measurable results is transcended by reiki.  Meaning, reiki works even if you don’t believe in it or don’t know how it works!  In preparation for a treatment, wear comfortable clothing, and get ready to relax!

45-minute reiki sessions with Mary-Anne are $75, while 30-minute healing sessions are $50.  Aura clearing appointments are $225 and are approximately 1-hour in length.

Please note that mediumship will not take place during a reiki session.  If you would like a mediumship reading, your appointment date will be subject to a wait list, while reiki healing sessions are generally accommodated by Mary-Anne at much earlier dates.


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