NEW!  soul coaching programS – LEVEL 1 & 2

Level 1

Moving forward when we feel in a rut or directionless can be an incredibly difficult task. If you feel anxiety and fear play a major role in how you experience life, or if there is a particular hurdle you just can’t seem to overcome, then this class is for you.

Spend six weeks in a soul-based counselling/coaching program with other supportive and like-minded individuals.

In this unique and powerful program, you will experience deep work into the self, exploring patterns, wounds, traumas, personality/ego challenges, and most important, you will come out of this 6-week program having worked through some the most difficult challenges that have presented in this life.

Soul work takes place in layers, and we can only address issue when we’re ready to look at them. There are also no ‘silver bullets’ on the soul journey – no magic button to press and we become immune to challenge. There is also no practitioner that can make everything ‘better’ for you. YOU HOLD ALL THE POWER. Leadership brings you tools and it brings you into the direction of growth and healing. But you must choose to make the steps, consciously.

This program is designed to bring into your awareness those personality blocks, wounded feelings and responses, fears, doubts, and anxieties that are the most difficult for you. From a space of awareness, we will work through processes of transmutation and transformation, leading to a new, higher-conscious level of self.

Expect to leave this 6 week program with a totally new, revolutionized lens with which to view the world through. Come into peace, love, compassion, understanding, and surrender.

This class does not allow for individual counselling or coaching.  Each participant will follow through the same process, and customization for each individual beyond reasonable ability on part of the facilitator within the class time is not overly possible in the group setting.  Some students may feel individual soul-coaching sessions are also needed to support their growth process.  Others may feel the group setting is all they need.  If you feel private, customized coaching/counselling is for you, visit the Soul-Based Coaching page HERE.

Investment for all 6 weeks is $200/pp.  Not all applicants will be accepted into the program based on appropriateness for where each person is on their journey. Fill out the form below, and CLICK HERE to process your spot.

Next Intake: Tuesday Evenings, 7-9pm on ZOOM, June 16 – July 21  CLASS FULL

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Level 2

LEVEL 2 of this program will focus on the integration between personality and soul, and transformation within. This next level of consciousness development is powerful and life-changing, and there is an absolute requirement that participants are willing and committed to the process of becoming more soul-conscious.

Spend five weeks in a soul-based counselling/coaching program with other supportive and like-minded individuals.

LEVEL 1 of the Soul Coaching Program is a pre-requisite to LEVEL 2.

Investment for all 5 weeks is $180/pp.

Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm, September 25th – October 30th (no class Oct 9).  CLASS FULL  

Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm, March 19th-April 16th  CLASS FULL


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