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In essence, Soul-Connect Coaching™ empowers you to discover your own healing, insights, and direction. It seeks to bring you into a satisfying relationship with your everyday life and your true inner self; the soul. It does this through expanding consciousness beyond ego, so we may interpret our experiences in light of a more expanded consciousness that is sensitive to, and part of, the larger world.

The Soul Journey

The ultimate healing

It is a quest to understand who we truly are and unlock the hidden depths within us. Most people live superficial lives, unaware of the energy and potential that lies within them. This often leads to an ineffective approach to challenges and a lack of integration and wholeness in life.

The ultimate therapy for well-being lies in the spiritual journey, which takes us inward and outward simultaneously, integrating our inner world with external experiences.

The Soul-Connect Coaching Program offers guidance in understanding this journey, healing the personality, and aligning it with the soul’s qualities and life purpose. It teaches us to balance the ego and spirit within us, leading to peace, fulfillment, and happiness.

Most modern philosophies and techniques are good at taking things apart – analyzing and de-constructing the person and experiences. What is left is often a state of fragmentation. Yet parts of things only make sense in light of the whole of which they are a part. Analysis is only as good as the synthesis that follows. As a professional, Mary-Anne will assist you in determining which universal perspectives and principles apply to your situations and will attempt to lead you from your point of experience to a more universal perspective, thereby giving you the opportunity to see the meaning and purpose of your experiences, and to integrate the learning into your life, today.

The Soul-Connect Coaching™ Program is based in a philosophy of wholeness, because it deals with universal laws, principles and deeper reality, and it makes sense of all experiences.  Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom – not simply the pursuit of information or awareness.

The Gifts of the

Soul-Connect Coaching Program

The program guides individuals through a process of self-discovery and self-awareness, helping them understand both their personality and soul on a deep level. It offers practical exercises, support emails, and meditations to facilitate reflection and integration of the material.

The program also provides the option to become a Certified Soul-Connect Coach™ upon completion of the final module. Overall, the program offers a path to healing and transformation, allowing individuals to expand their potential and live in alignment with their authentic selves.

Below you may download the booklet that will introduce you to The Soul-Connect Coaching Program, as well as the philosophy of this work. This program is one of the most in-depth programs of transformational and soulful living available today.

Download An Introduction Download Our Philosophy

What Makes This Program Different?

The Soul-Connect Coaching Program will guide you through a process of transformation. Transformation is a merging of soul and personality being caused by the energies of the soul. We have to know both personality and soul well before transformation is possible. We cannot merge what we do not know. 

This merging of personality and soul is not emotional identification in which we lose ourselves. It is, rather, a process of becoming more than we previously were. We expand our identity. We shift our centre. We activate deeper potentials. We significantly change our attitude and motivation. These changes require awareness and consciousness of self at both personality and soul levels.

You might have spent years in the pattern of seeking from the outside world someone who can make the challenges disappear and bring you into harmonious existence with yourself and the world around you.  In the greatest reality however, this is not possible.  The work takes place within the inner space of the soul.  This is where soul-connect work comes in.  Approach healing of the self in a brand new way…

In Soul-Connect coaching™, you will enter into the suffering, the questioning, and your own soul to guide you into becoming conscious of the unconscious parts of yourself that seek expression. This supports you to give your experiences meaning and purpose.

There is nothing dogmatic about the soul journey. It is both a collective and personal journey where we learn to think more universally. The soul journey is not about changing behaviour – there is no forcing involved. Instead, this broader way of thinking leads us to be more compassionate and have more understanding, and this naturally results in changes of behaviour.

Soul-Connect Coaching™ is not psychotherapy nor any other form of traditional professional therapy.

Here’s what people are saying about Soul-Connect Coaching™ with Mary-Anne:

“I’ve been in therapy for years and learned some great coping techniques, but I love how we are actually facing our pain in this class. It’s so different than anything else I’ve ever done and I know it’s going to be hard as hell but I am ready! Thank you for this opportunity, I am greatly appreciative of you, the material and what we will all get out of it. I can’t wait to be a better human!”

Meet Your Teacher

Mary-Anne KennedyMary-Anne Kennedy is Canada’s Top Psychic Medium and Spiritual Educator. Internationally acclaimed and award-winning, Mary-Anne is also the best-selling author of two books, and has assisted tens of thousands of individuals on their spiritual journeys, whether through mediumship, soul-based coaching, lecturing, teaching, or mentoring.

A note from Mary-Anne: “So many people I work with are in search of healing, and they want to know what their life purpose is. After years of trying different things, seeing different practitioners, they come to me to learn that these aren’t gifts that can be given to you from another person. Someone other than YOU can not tell you what you’re here to do and they can not heal you. The journey of healing and both discovering and living soul purpose is an internal adventure. You can be guided, which is what this program is designed to do. But purpose must be personally-discovered and then lived, and healing must be personally-oriented around what can be learned from an experience, and following that, integrating the experience into your life in a meaningful way. That’s what makes this program different from anything else. Following the discovery (learning/ awareness/knowledge), you are guided into integration (change in consciousness/essence), bringing the experiences full circle. For me, healing can be defined as taking a painful experience, extracting some type of learning from it, and then integrating that learning into your life in a personally meaningful way. The pain can be reduced, and indeed even eliminated, when we can do this.”

Your Journey

Are you seeking personal growth and expansion but haven’t seen progress from reading and other learning? Are you struggling with significant challenges, feeling a deep desire for more meaning and clarity in life? Or perhaps you are wanting to understand how to heal and express your true self and soul.

Find the perspective and support you’re looking for below.  Experience The Soul-Connect Coaching Program for the personal benefit of your own healing OR experience The Soul-Connect Coaching Program for your own healing and ultimate Certification as a Soul-Connect Coach.  Explore your options below.

The Complete
Soul-Connect Coaching Program

The Soul-Connect™ Coaching Program presents you with an opportunity to embark on a profoundly enriching personal healing journey, culminating in Certification as a Soul-Connect Coach.

Complete Course


$3511 $1947

  • 4 Modules for the purposes of your own personal journey through healing and transformation: $1,468 value
  • Your final 5th Module/Manual including a final practical exam to become a Certified Soul-Connect™ Coach: $797 value
  • Practical exercises that will assist you to draw our your own perspectives and truth so you can integrate your place within the universe
  • Support emails with Mary-Anne available to you during the course of your studies: $1,147 value
  • Written Meditations are provided and quiet time is urged so you can reflect on and further integrate the material: $99 value
  • Digital Certificate as a Certified Soul-Connect™ Coach

Individual Modules

As an alternative to enrolling in the complete Soul-Connect™ Coaching Program, the option to purchase individual modules is also available. Whether you desire to attain the powerful insights and growth offered by a specific module or wish to complete the entire program and become a Certified Soul-Connect Coach, you have the flexibility to choose what aligns best with your personal and professional goals. Each module will provide you with valuable tools and teachings that contribute to your personal healing and growth journey.  Note that individually purchased modules do not include email support from Mary-Anne, and submission of module questions is not required.

Module 1


Understand Your Threefold Nature – becoming aware of all aspects of who you are. Know Yourself – revealing the beauty that you are.

Module 2


Explore and Heal the Personality – using the challenges in your life as catalysts for growth

Module 3


Develop and Express Soul Consciousness – living the journey to wholeness.

Module 4


Discover Life Purpose – determining why you are here.

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