lives changed

“Mary-Anne, I owe you a great big debt of gratitude for Tuesday’s session.  I’ve had some time to sit with the information you channeled and I’m in awe of it all.  There’s no doubt that mom came through loud and clear and that she’s still with us, her kids, albeit in another form.  It is comforting to know, especially on this first Mother’s Day without her here physically.” ~B.S., Ontario

“Hi Mary-Anne,  How are you? I am doing great….. the reason why I am emailing you this…The day I came to see you was the best thing ever happened to me..I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.. it helps me to understand better. It healed my heart beautifully. You have a beautiful gift.  There is so much I want to say but you’re a godsend….” ~D.Z., Ontario

“Hi Mary-Anne, I just wanted to thank you so much for my reading yesterday.  It was so accurate and the things you we able to communicate to me allowed me to have closure over my sister’s death. This is something I have longed for for over 20 years.  I cannot thank you enough.  You are a special person and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet with you. P.S.  The letters that you referenced from my grandma that I couldn’t make a connection with, I believe was referencing her niece.  My mom knew right away.  You were right about everything.” ~J.E., Oakville

“Mary-Anne, Thank you so much for the session today. I can’t describe the closure it gave me and the peace. It’s like taking off the weight that you’ve been carrying around for so long.” ~K.A.,Erin

“Hey there Mary-Anne, Just a wee Thankyou note by way of an email to thank you for the wonderful reading that you gave me. As soon as I arrived at your home I felt a great sense of contentment when I saw your big letter K at your front door. This made me connect with you immediately and then when you spoke of Culzean castle I felt very in tune with you. It was wonderful that both my mum and my lovely husband came through to speak through you to me and it gave me great comfort. You have a wonderful gift that I hope is never a burden to you. I have been telling everyone back home in Scotland all about it.  Best wishes.”  ~K.K., Glasgow, Scotland

“Hi Mary-Anne, Thank you so much for this morning! I feel like a ton has lifted off my shoulders. For the first time in 2 1/2 years I feel at peace.  You are an incredible lady with an incredible gift and I feel so blessed to have had you help me connect with my mom.  My eternal gratitude.” ~M.B., Ontario

“Hi Mary-Anne,  Just wanted to send a big thank you for coming to my place on Saturday to deliver such amazing messages.” ~T.A., Richmond Hill

“I really wanted to thank you again for giving me and my family such a beautiful experience to share together this week. It is such a great feeling knowing that our loved ones are never really gone from our lives. As we left your home I was overwhelmed with feelings that I can’t even explain but it was northing short of amazing and beautiful. You truly have a breathtaking gift and I am blessed to have gotten the opportunity to meet you this week.  Please take care and know that I am forever thankful to you for the messages we were able to receive.” ~K.W., Markham

“My mom and I are crying happy tears, it was so wonderful to meet you. Words can not describe how amazing you are.” ~S.B., Caledon

“Thank you so much for today. I have such a deep sense of closure knowing our relationship still is as strong as she was when she was here on Earth. Today is a new day, and I am a new me. I have been able to fill the emptiness I have in my heart knowing that she is ok and that I will see her again.  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift with me.” ~K.S., Brampton

“Hi Mary-Anne, I was part of the group of your mediumship on Friday. I have to tell you that you are simply amazing and I have been in awe of the happenings ever since that evening.” ~M.M., Brampton

“Hi Mary-Anne just wanted to thank you again. All day I have been at awe with what was said in our reading. My husband cannot believe you turned him into a believer…I am ever so grateful for you today.. had some happy tears today and you gave me hope that I can move on and my Mom will always be my side. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!” ~L.P., Caledon

“Good morning Mary-Anne, Thank you for the amazing reading last week. I feel a sense of calmness that I never thought possible since my husband passed.” ~M.C., Brampton

“Hi Mary-Anne, just a follow up note to thank you for the reading.  The whole experience was profound – I will be forever grateful. I cannot explain the sense of peace I felt knowing he is still with us in spirit. I did speak to my mom on the weekend and asked her if she prayed for my dad and she said every night.  So I told her what his message was about how it gives him strength and about how he is with her when she plays his records.  She seemed to understand and not question the message.” ~J.H., Orangeville

“I’m so impressed with the reading, Mary-Anne you are so accurate.” ~J.G., West Midlands, United Kingdom

“Hello Mary-Anne, I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. I came to your group reading at the Breakthrough Centre.  I knew as soon as you stood up that my son was there…You said young male, we all knew.  By the time you said son and brother I knew he had come for my daughters.  I’m not sure why it’s important I explained  these things but I felt compelled…You mentioned my human longing – it is the greatest block I possess. I often  say the spiritual side of me completely understands but the human side of me aches for my son.  It was so healing for my daughter to hear that he sees all our memorial acts (tattoos) etc…..I believe he must also be a guide for them too.  I am so grateful for yesterday, in ways you cannot imagine. You channeled my guide. That in itself is profound and to date, no others have been able to do so…It’s important that you know how deeply you touched my family yesterday.  Thank you.” ~D.W., Mississauga

“Since my mom passed I have longed to hear from her. You have made that possible. I can’t thank you enough for what you do. I think you are amazing. I look forward to having a one on one reading with you.” ~A.F., Brampton

“Hi Mary Anne, I just wanted to connect to thank-you for the amazing reading this past Saturday…it was an overwhelming experience sitting with you and I do feel comforted knowing my Mom and Dad are together.” ~M.C., Brampton

“Thank you for a great session filled with laughter and tears. It has changed my life and outlook so much. Words can not express the thanks I feel to have experienced such an amazing experience.” ~L.B., Caledon

“Thank you so much Mary-Anne. You have brought such comfort to my soul today and for that I am truly grateful that you are there to share your gifts with the world. Can’t wait to read your book!” ~D.H., Belwood

“Hi Maryanne, I just wanted to thank-you for yesterday, my daughter and I are so grateful to you, for such an amazing reading, with all the tears and laughter. It   truly was an amazing experience, and for you bring out my grandfather, my hus-band, and my mother, you truly are an amazing woman, and I truly can’t wait forour next session!!! Amazing, Amazing!!!!.  Thank-you.”~S.P., Brampton

“I think you are amazing at what you do and I feel very grateful to have found you, I am sure many others must feel as grateful as I do for the relief and joy you bring them and we are all blessed to have someone like you in this life to assist us.” ~O.L., Brampton

“Thank you Mary-Anne…you have no idea how much peace you brought to my life…i am forever greatful for you..xo.” ~L.P., Caledon

“Thank you and my son for helping me through a very painful time. My heart is so full of love for him and my friends for making our meeting possible. I would not have wanted to share my experience with anyone else but you. I have always believed that our Spirits move on and you validated that in so many ways. You gave me answers to questions I needed to know. Most importantly that my son is safe and is blissful…I must also inform you that I gave all the other messages with his validations to the other people he mentioned and they were so happy and grateful. You and he helped so many people and I can’t thank you enough. This experience has helped me to grow…You have a true gift!”  ~H.H., Toronto

“Thank you once again for your reading. You have a true gift and I enjoyed meeting you.” ~C.M., Brampton

“Mary-Anne, Once again, I would like to say Thank you for yesterday’s session.  I am feeling so much better. After so many years I am finally feeling more at peace.” ~S.S., Caledon

“Hi Mary-Anne, I want to thank you for the wonderful reading that you gave me this past Saturday.  It was a very powerful experience for me. I am very grateful!…You are truly gifted and I am very grateful to have met you.”  ~C.S., Caledon

“Hi Mary-Anne, it was very nice to have met you the other day.  Thank you again for the beautiful reading.  Aside from the reading itself, you had some very comforting words that will remain with me forever…You do have a very special gift…Thank you again Mary-Anne.  That was so nice of you to meet with us in this time of need.” ~L.W., Georgetown

“Hi Mary-Anne, I am pleased to say, your reading was absolutely amazing.   I am the type of person to over analyze but in retrospect everything you said made sense and was correct.  I know I kept my feelings under wraps but behind the phone, I was crying with Joy.  My main goal was to hear from my son and I am so unbelievably grateful he came through, as I dearly miss him.  Skeptical, sure in the beginning because I had many disappointing readings but after putting the dialogue all together, the full hour reading with you was spot on correct.  Strangely enough, last week I asked my son to give me a sign that he is with me, I asked him to show me a dragon fly.  This morning I saw a dragon fly in between my patio screen and door.  Thank you for this experience, I finally feel at peace.” ~A., Ontario

“I wanted to thank you for last Friday, it was an amazing experience for me and I am truly thankful!  I was so happy that you allowed me to communicate with my Dad.” ~R.V., Toronto

“Mary-Anne is quite simply amazing. I was awestruck by her ability to not only validate the presence of my loved ones’ spirit, but also by the specifics she was able to bring through in their messages to me. When my husband passed suddenly, I was left with so many unanswered questions, and self-doubts, and knew I needed help to sort through it all.  I am so glad I chose Mary-anne to help me connect with spirit.  Although our session together was very emotional, Mary-anne gently and emphatically guided me through it. The messages she was able to bring through from my loved ones on the other side, provided me with the answers and information that I so needed to hear to help me cope with my loss and allow me to heal.  Upon reflection, I can honestly say that my time with Mary-anne was probably the most profound and life changing experience I have ever had. It cemented my budding beliefs, and provided a powerful affirmation of the existence of an afterlife.  I can’t describe the feelings of joy and hope that I feel, knowing that my loved ones are safe and happy, and that our love survives even after death.  Thank you Mary-anne, it was an experience I will never forget.  You are great.” ~K.F., Brampton

“Hi Mary-Anne, thank you for getting the recording to me so quickly! I’ve already shared it with my brothers and sisters so not only did you bring healing and comfort to me but you also brought it to my 8 siblings. You are so talented and I’m so glad I found you! It was an experience I won’t forget.  I also wanted to follow up with you on the two items I was having a hard time validating; cereal box and ring. My sister keeps her cheerios cereal on top of her fridge and she always reaches for it to give some to her little guy who’s almost 2! She was complaining the other day of having to reach for it (she’s pretty short) so that was my mother coming through for her which made her day. And funny enough I was thinking yesterday before the end if I should ask my mother if she has anything to say about my sister because I know she’s been having a tough time lately – so there you go. Mystery solved, my mom was listening to me!  As for the ring, my sister has it and its exactly as you described so that made her day when she heard my mom come though about that.” ~L.W., Ballinafad

“After my session with Mary-Anne I was moved to tears as well as being awestruck by the accuracy of the information being channeled. The effect is just as powerful even after listening several times to the recording of my session. Thanks to Mary-Anne I know that my loved ones are safe and I am very grateful for the messages of love and hope that I received.” ~N.F., Caledon

“The telephone reading I had with Maryanne proved to be so amazing and definitely worth my time! Before I called her, two of my loved ones were present with her, validating for me their continued presence in my life. I know this because my baby’s name was acknowledged by my mother and she died almost 20 years ago. The second name that was acknowledged was my dog…yes my dog! Her name is Charlotte but we call her Charlie…both names were acknowledged and my Grandfather loved dogs…literally brought home every dog in the neighbourhood. He was also a really funny man so it made sense that he would talk about our Charlie. This was enough for me to feel like my loved ones were around me…although there was much more! It’s the connection that matters, whether by phone or in person…truly amazing!” ~S.H., Ottawa

“I have had two mediumship sessions with Mary-Anne, both in person and over the phone.  She brought through clear validation, and it was unmistakable that she was communicating with my loved one.  She also brought through wonderfully detailed messages, which were just what I was hoping to hear.  This brought me comfort and ease, and I would highly recommend a reading with her.”  ~J.C., Mississauga

“Hi Mary-Anne,  It was a pleasure meeting you too.  I was very pleased with your reading where you described my mother with uncanny accuracy!  When you asked if there was anyone close with mental issues [like dementia], I replied “No”, but it was not until I drove away from your house, did I remember my sister-in-law in Australia, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I can now relax a little, knowing that my wife, mother and father are well and happy on the other side and are constantly by my side.

“I had a long conversation with my wife a year or more ago as I had a strange feeling that I would pass away before her as she was always so bouncy and full of life, but that role was reversed a year later.  I miss her so much, but you have re-assured me that she is with me all the time.  Thank you once again for bringing the messages through to me.” ~P.W., Brampton

“You have no idea about this message that came thru.. its amazing and completely 100% makes sense, all of it.. she’s been trying to get my attention since this reading.. its been very weird.. lol After listening to the recording over the weekend, I can see why.. she certainly wanted to make sure I knew what the message was and from who.. I feel wonderful!!” ~C.J., Brampton

“Thank you again so much for today! You are truly incredible! My Mom was so happy to hear such beautiful things :)” ~J.K., Burlington

“Thank you for the recording and thank you again for the reading. It was so nice to hear from my grandparents again. Losing my gramma was always my worst fear and when she left it felt like my world came undone. Last night I came home and cried alot, missing them like I did in the beginning then when checked on my daughter before I went to bed I ‘smelled’ my gramma in her room. Guess she was paying a visit. Today i feel better and want to come back and talk to her again!! lol .Thank you again for everything!!” ~L.Y., Burlington

“Thank you so much Mary-Anne.  Your gift gave myself and some family members some much needed healing.” ~L.S., Caledon

“…The information that moved me the most was when you said he shows you a box, a gift box with car keys inside and you also mentioned a black rosary. My dad gave me his car before he died and this was significant in our relationship, I have the black rosary hanging from the mirror in the car…” ~A.S., Ontario

“Thank you Mary-Anne.  This was so wonderful, profound experience.  I do not have words to describe this.  Looking for you help to guide me to develop ability to connect with them.” ~S.W., Windsor

“Thank you so much Mary-Anne. I passed the message on to my mom.  I feel so much better – a true sense of release.” ~L.P., Brampton

“Thank you so much for the great reading.  I think that it really will help [friend] in that I feel she might need it in the future. You mentioned about rings not fitting – she has said her boyfriend’s mom just gave him her rings to propose. I didn’t know that. I guess we know they wont fit:) One thing you said about a blue balloon – I’m not sure that this means anything…but I was driving on the Lakeshore yesterday, in the freezing cold, and there was a random blue balloon, sitting there, in the middle of this busy street. I laughed…Again, thank you so much. You validated what I felt my whole life, that my grandmother, who I never met, was there with me. I feel like we were almost closer than had we actually met. It’s nice to know I’m never alone.” ~M.G., Toronto

“Dear Mary-Anne, Thank you so much for reading my mom. She truly needed to hear from loved ones.” ~C.E., South Dakota, USA

“I highly recommend a mediumship reading with Mary-Anne. I have received and been witness to many readings by her. She is able to bring through not only validation that she indeed is talking to your loved ones, but she can also discern the most subtle of nuances of the message. This pin-point accuracy brings such comfort to those who have been guided to sit with her. Mary-Anne has moved through her own grief of losing loved ones and has learned from her own path of healing. She is able understand the responsibility her mediumship has to the path of each soul, which is evident in her heart based connections.” ~H.S., Caledon

“I have observed Mary-Anne give detailed and powerful mediumship readings.  I am always impressed with her level of accuracy as well as the heartfelt messages she brings through from loved ones on the other side.  When my own mother came through a few weeks ago Mary-Anne was able to piece together very accurate details and delivered a message that was exactly what my mother would have said. An impressive confirmation that death is not the end and that our love ones continue to work with us from the other side.” ~L.Z., Caledon

“Mary-Anne is a colleague and a friend, and is a dedicated and inspired medium. She is able to give heartfelt and compassionate validation and messages to every client.” ~K.V., Caledon

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