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Please read full page before requesting your session

All sessions are over live video chat (Zoom) or email chat. Live video or email chat sessions are exactly the same as in-person. Very occasionally in-person readings will be available.  IF YOU DO NOT SEE ANY AVAILABLE DATES in the calendar, check back the following day.  Dates will become available.

Readings with Mary-Anne are described as powerful, life-changing, and deeply healing. Your session is a sacred and special time for you to connect with your loved ones in Spirit, and the profoundness you experience will leave you forever changed.

While there is currently a wait list for a reading with Mary-Anne, a cancellation list is always in place and you may have a chance to be seen sooner than the date you book for yourself below.  CHECK YOUR SPAM – as soon as an appointment is booked, a confirmation email with links will be sent to you automatically. If you are waiting for a response from the office for any inquiries, check your spam folder as emails sometimes get directed there.

Private readings are for one person (additional person fee is available). Note that the additional person must be related to you, and/or you both must desire to hear from the same person/people in spirit.

For Public Events, Gift Certificates, or Charity Events, please contact Mary-Anne’s office HERE. For any questions not answered here, please contact the office at admin (at) maryannekennedy (dot ca).

Mediums can’t guarantee that one particular person in spirit will come through – spirit has their plan for what is taking place and who is coming through, and we can’t change that. However, while it’s not guaranteed, it is generally the case that the loved one you really want to hear from will come through.

In preparation for a reading, a person should have a genuine desire to communicate with loved ones on the other side, as well as an open heart and mind for who and what may come through. Readings with Mary-Anne are always positive and beneficial to each and every person who sits with her.


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