Spiritual Medium Mary-Anne KennedyMary-Anne Kennedy is an acclaimed Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Consultant who is highly sought after throughout Canada. With compelling accuracy, she brings forward evidence – proof – that your loved ones still exist. Her connection and messages from heaven are rich with healing and love!

Mary-Anne’s practice includes Mediumship Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Development Classes and Workshops, Reiki Treatments and Certification Classes, special Consulting Services related to metaphysical expertise, and also charity work. Mary-Anne also demonstrates public mediumship regularly through her special group readings (check Events page) and also participates in book signing events to share her new book, “How to Become a Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting with the Other Side”.


Reiki and Aura Clearing

Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance


Hear from your loved ones in Spirit, and learn that they are happy and safe in the most beautiful place you could ever imagine…


Receive the spiritual healing you need to move forward in your life.  Remove energy blockages that keep you from living at your fullest potential!



Feel like you can’t figure out the right direction in your life, and want to know what Spirit, your guides, and angels have to say about it?  Then this is just what you need!


Energy Clearing of Homes

6 Weeks of Messages from Spirit

Special Requests/Inquiries


Get help clearing old, stagnant, or negative energy in your space.  Choose to live in an environment of high vibration and positivity!



This unique program is acclaimed as incredibly helpful and healing to those who wish to extend their communication with a Spirit loved one beyond a private reading.  It’s also a great way to hear what messages heaven has for you over the course of challenging period in your life.



Do you have a special media, charity, or other request for Mary-Anne?  Contact her here!


5 Weeks of Meditation Part 1

The Book: How to Become a Medium

5 Weeks of Meditation Part 2


5 Weeks of Meditation Part 1, at-home, do at your own pace!  Change your life in five weeks with this powerful new program.

How to Become a Medium


Read Mary-Anne’s new book, How to Become a Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting with the Other Side!


5 Weeks of Meditation Part 2, at-home, do at your own pace!  Change your life even in more in an additional five weeks.

Brand New and Limited Time Only!

Wisdom from the Other Side Card Reading

A Question for Spirit Mini-Reading

5 Days with Spirit


In this brand new, LIMITED-TIME OFFERING, Mary-Anne will be providing answers to up to 2 questions about your life, done completely through email using her Messages from Spirit Oracle Cards for Spiritual Guidance!



In this BRAND NEW, LIMITED-TIME SERVICE, Mary-Anne will be offering a unique opportunity for you to ask a question to a loved one in Spirit.



In this BRAND NEW program, you will hear from a loved one in Spirit every day for five days! This LIMITED TIME offering is a perfect gift for yourself or for a special person here who would like to experience the magic of Spirit.